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This image reports information collected by means of the (HFR-NAdr) RADAR HF network operating over the gulf of Trieste and surroundings. Measures are the merging results of synchronous monitoring carried on at each of the four stations composing the HFR-NAdr, in the frame of a collaboration among ARPA FVG (, ARSO ( NIB ( e OGS (

The published services are made thanks to the data collected by means of (HFR-NAdr) network of RADAR WERA – HF, which operates on the gulf of Trieste and the surroundings. The HFR-NAdr network is composed by ARPA FVG ( RADAR station, which is placed on the breakwater dam of the Trieste Old Harbor (IT), by ARSO ( station located at Izola (SI), by NIB ( station placed at Piran (SI) and the OGS ( station, which is located at Aurisina (IT). Measurements are performed every half an hour at each RADAR station independently, then they are merged elaborating the surface marine currents and waves on a regular grid covering the geographic domain of Trieste gulf. The ARPA FVG accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use of content of these images, data or derived information, which remains in charge of the user.